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This page is designed to tell you a little about about how 'The White Pages' are laid out, and help you navigate them if I haven't done my job very well!


There are a couple of feature that I have tried to standardised on in 'The White Pages'.

The graphic that appears at the top of every page has the same function as the right most text link at the bottom. The only exception to this is the main index page. For example on this page the graphic would take you to the Home page.

There is always a link to either the main index (from a sub-page), or a sub-page (from one of the informational pages). For example, 'The UK Page' has a link to the Main Page (which is also the top graphic), where as 'Postcards from Home' has a link to 'The UK Page'.

Sub-pages always have links to the other sub-pages. (Just like this page).

No matter what you may think, spelling is to the Oxford English Dictionary!

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The main page is the index to 'The White Pages'. Links can be made from the graphics along the top, or the text along the bottom. All main sections are accessable from this page

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